The best Arabic supermarket in Amsterdam

Tigris & Eufraat Supermarket

Homemade falafel and batata chap with a delicious fruit shake on the side. The best of both worlds at Tigris & Eufraat Supermarket in the Amsterdam Java street.

Falafel and batata chop at Tigris & Eufraat

Arabic Supermarket
You are in the Middle Eastern Spheres when shopping at Tigris & Eufraat in the Amsterdam Java street. A variety of beautiful fruits and vegetables in all colors, Damascus confectionery, Iraqi cookies, Aleppo soap, Arabic herbs and spices, and a multitude of ingredients and tools to make falafel at home, for example. The comfortable atmosphere and the friendly staff make you feel at home right away. Take the Middle East at home with the baba ganoush, hummus, beet dip, and taboulé from their own kitchen.

The best falafel of Amsterdam
The specialties of the Tigris & Eufraat snack bar are the homemade falafel and batata chap. Just like the falafel, these Iranian potato croquettes filled with minced lamb meat and parsley are served with pickled vegetables, a classic cucumber, tomato, and mint salad and a yogurt sauce with tahini and sumac. If you can not get enough of these delights, all the ingredients are available in the supermarket’s fridges and freezers.

Juice bar
From a root-orange-ginger juice or spinach, banana-apple shake to the traditional Turkish yogurt drink Ayran: they have it all at Tigris & Eufraat. If you can not choose, you can even mix and match your own juice. Do not forget to taste the avocado almond date shake. A super creamy deliciousness like this you will not easily find somewhere else.

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