Hi, I’m Jamie

My first and biggest love is delicious food. Not a day goes by that I do not think about preparing a new recipe, a visit to that tasty restaurant, or simply: ”What could be the next delectable thing to eat?”

I’m dreaming about flavors, aromas, and textures from dusk till dawn. The layers of a croissant, the smell of roasted hazelnuts, and the tang of fresh lime zest.

”There’s no better distraction than a food memory.”

It is my passion to share with you the tales of my best food experiences and recipe secrets. Tales of Pastry is the place where I like to share my favorite food experiments & artisan hotspots.

As the name might give away, pastry is an important theme on this food blog. The craft and indulgence intrigue me. But I throw any other sweet or savory, non-pastry recipe or hotspot in the mix.

Have fun and enjoy!


Jamie Penders