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Restaurant Ketelhuis – A must eat in Eindhoven

I really like to try new restaurants. But in Eindhoven, I’m often sticking to Restaurant Ketelhuis. They always surprise me with their mouthwatering menu and beautifully plated dishes. They do make it hard to choose tho! (They were a little surprised that I ordered 3 starters for 2 people.) However, they never disappoint me.

Vintage meets Industrial

The authentic Ketelhuis atmosphere is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant. From the Art Nouveau menu branding, the funky yet laidback playlist, and the vintage meets industrial decor of the restaurant and terrace.


A way to steel my heart is the drinks menu. If it includes exciting and surprising soft drinks, I’m sold! My favorites at Ketelhuis are Cucumis lavender and Wostok tarragon-ginger. Two refreshing bright purple and green drinks that really uplift your senses and spirit. But Also their very extensive Craft beer and wine menu are worthwhile. In the summer they even have an additional tropical cocktail menu.

Not your average Restaurant

Ketelhuis is not your average restaurant. Restaurant Ketelhuis is located in a monumental building (1929) where energy was generated for the surrounding factories. In what used to be ”the forbidden city of Phillips” at Strijp-S. Nowadays lunch, dinner, and finger food is served, composed of local ingredients. Bread baked in their in-house bakery, vegetables, and herbs from their own garden and meat and fish cooked from head to tail. They even use honey from the bee colony at the rooftop of the restaurant. Ketelhuis is a great example of a successful farm to table restaurant.

Where the party is at

Ketelhuis is very versatile in their concept. The upstairs restaurant (”Vuurkeuken” the Fire Kitchen) serves a shared dining menu, cooked on open fire. In this part of the Restaurant they regularly host wine and beer dinners, comedy club nights and (Jazz) club nights. In summertime they rebuild their terrace into a summer bar with a container pool, live music and home made pizza’s.

Always room for Dessert

From starters to desserts it is a party on a plate at restaurant Ketelhuis. But serving impressive homemade desserts is in my opinion what distinguishes a good restaurant from a great restaurant. At Restaurant Ketelhuis you can order a fine selection of cheeses to close dinner but you should really go and try their sweet dessert menu too!

Restaurant Ketelhuis – Ketelhuisplein 1 – 5617 AE- Strijp S, Eindhoven

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