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Roekoekoe – A little birdie told me about this special place!


If you happen to be in Zierikzee or are nearby then you should really stop by at Roekoekoe! We actually planned our city trip around it just to visit Roekoekoe and De Houtzaagwerf (we stayed at De Theetap which is also an absolute must-visit).

This place is a perfect example of what it means when true passion is shared.


In this blog post, I love to give you an impression of the lovely atmosphere at Roekoekoe and the food and drinks they serve. This place is a perfect example of what it means when true passion is shared. It’s a place where you immediately will feel at home and where all the exciting flavor combinations will be explained to you with joy.

Apple pie from the BBQ

I found out about Roekoekoe when I stumbled upon their famous Apple Pie from the BBQ. This really drew my interest as I am a very big fan of really good Apple Pie. I got in touch with them via social media and the reservations for both the pie and the B&B were soon made.

To celebrate every moment of the day

At Roekoekoe they serve breakfast, lunch, patisserie, extensive brunches, and take-away. They make beautiful macarons and eclairs and every Friday is Ramen night. Everything is homemade and served on vintage ceramics. A big part of the ingredients is prepared on the Kamado BBQ, even their Apple Pie! But what is most astonishing are their vegetable dish specials.


Really good coffee, roasted by Caffènation en Friedhats, made in the Modbar coffee machine. And specialty (iced)teas and infusions like Japanese Cherry leaf, Chinese red tea, and Pau d’arco tree bark from Brazil. But if you need a refresher, they got you covered too with fresh cold-pressed juices, natural wines & craft beers, and organic soft drinks.

A joyfull experience

As an appetizer, I ordered the watermelon, Kaffir lime, and strawberry sherbet with balsamico vinegar reduction. For our lunch, we went for the mixed vegetable platter. And this simply blew my mind. I’ve never eaten anything like this. The exciting flavor combinations made every bite a joyful experience. A cool cantaloupe soup with kiwi, basil, and fried onions. Grilled aubergines with pistachio and a sauce of cocoa, yogurt, and black garlic. A cucumber, carrot salad with sea banana (yes, and it’s delicious!), mint, ginger, lime, coriander, nigella, and peanut.

For dessert, we ordered the apple pie from the BBQ with spiced mascarpone cream (which they specially reserved for us), once again a tasty macaron and a lemon meringue eclair that even exceeded my expectations!

It all starts and ends with Macarons

I was completely sold when I tasted their macarons. What’s special about Roekoekoe’s macarons is that for starters, they’re homemade, they have ever-changing creative flavor combinations and instead of just one filling it also always has a center of praline. I’ve tasted the macarons with blackberry, lemon-thyme, sunflower seed praline, and star anise. And it brought me in a very happy place! We started off our city trip with a macron from Roekoekoe and we ended our trip to Zierikzee with a macaron from Roekoekoe.

Address Roekoekoe: Melkmarkt 11, 4301 HB Zierikzee

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