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Sunset Bamboo Breakfast

In August I went on a culinary trip. It ended up in Portugal and I am very happy to share with you the Lisbon & Ericeira Hotpots I discovered. If you ever get to visit Lisbon or Ericeira, take the chance to visit these 5 finger-licking good Food Hotspots.

1. Nannarella – Gelati Alla Romana

When we arrived late in the afternoon in Lisbon we took a walk to find a place to eat something. We saw many people sitting in a small park enjoying ice cream. So we asked where they got that dangerously delicious looking ice cream from and they pointed at Nannarella. Nannarella sells Italian Gelato (ice cream) the traditional way. They store the Gelato under steel domes and serve them using a big spatula instead of an ice cream scoop. Besides the traditional flavors, every day there are two daily specials and some extra seasonal flavors to choose from. Dare to choose exciting flavors such as pear gelato with Parmesan cheese or play safe with Bananarellla: banana ice cream with chocolate chunks and walnuts. It is always busy at Nannarella but you are first in line very soon. And do top it of with a big dollop of whipped cream, it is not only super indulging but also without extra charges. We came back for more every day.
R. Nova da Piedade 64, 1200-263 Lisboa, Portugal – Gelataria Nannarella

2. Estrela Da Bica – Café, Restaurant, Bar

The best dinner we ate in Lisbon during our vacation was at Estrela Da Bica. Make sure you arrive early or make a reservation because around 8 in the evening people will be waiting in line outside to get a table. They use the freshest ingredients and everything is homemade. At Estrela Da Bica there is a small daily changing menu with meals or you can choose between several Portuguese Tapas dishes. We went for the homemade nachos with guacamole and tuna tartar, some fresh sardines on toast, and rib-eye steak accompanied with some olives, bread, and a hummus dip. They serve homemade lemonades, good wines, and cocktails and the desserts are simply divine. We went for a coconut panna cotta with a berry sauce and Balsamic marinated strawberries with a basil mousse and chocolate cookie crumbs.
Tv. do Cabral 33, 1200-073 Lisboa, Portugal – Estrela Da Bica

3. Com Pinta – Pizzaria. Hamburgueria. Restaurante

We went to Com Pinta twice because the food was so satisfying. Real comfort food like burgers, pizzas, pasta, salads, fish, steaks, vegetarian meals, and great desserts as a bonus. This is also a place that is full all the time. So come early or reserve a spot to not miss out on all the goodness. The staff is really friendly, the prices are good and the homemade desserts are on point. Because when you serve a good Italian Tiramisu the right way, I am sold. The opening hours are from 10 in the morning until 11 in the evening. So the perfect place for lunch, dinner, and drinks.
Calçada da Baleia 7A, 2655-225 Ericeira – Portugal – Restaurant Com Pinta

4. Sunset Bamboo – Ericeira Bar

Eating at Sunset Bamboo in Ericeira gives you that real laid back vibe. Because Ericeira is a world surfing reserve, lots of surfers are hanging out there. The bar is opened from 10 in the morning until 9 in the evening. So you’re welcome to come and enjoy breakfast as well as lunch, a snack or some drinks. If you’re craving for something tasty and/or healthy than Sunset Bamboo is the place to be to catch an açai bowl, salad, frozen yogurt, wrap, or XXL grilled sandwich. Or refresh yourself with a smoothie, milkshake, juice or cocktails.
Tv. do Jogo da Bola 3, 2655-297 Ericeira, Portugal – Sunset Bamboo Bar

5. Vira Copos – Wine Bar & Tapas

If you are going for a Romantic dinner, please take a visit to Vira Copos. Vira Copos is a wine and tapas bar with a rooftop terrace. You can choose from a list of very good wines and savor tasty tapas dishes while you watch the sunset. What do you want more right? If you are into seafood it is also a good choice to try some fish as we did. It is caught less than a mile away the same morning and served freshly in the evening so you can taste the saltiness of the sea. We tried the cheese and sausage platter, which I can highly recommend if you like smoky flavors.
2655 249, R. do Caldeira 62, 2655-249 Ericeira, Portugal

If by chance you got so curious that you took a visit to one of these delicious places, Please let me know in the comments. I am very curious to know what your experience was and if there are other hidden gems I should take a visit.

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  • Cleo
    August 21, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    I went to Lisbon this week, and thanks to Jaimie’s blogpost I went to Nannarella. But only on my last day! It was well worth it. What an amazing place. Unfortunately I’ve been way too busy to try out all the things Jamie has listed on her blog. But that’s all the more reason to go back for another visit!

    • Jamie Penders
      August 21, 2021 at 11:48 am

      I so happy to hear you enjoyed your trip with Nanarella as a part of it!


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