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Buitenhotel Les Nourrits – Slowing down in Burgundy

I don’t know if I am alone in this. But planning a vacation can give me tress for weeks. Last year when it took me more than half a year to get up with a plan for our summer vacation, on a morning my partner (Oliver) asked me: ”So, do you know where you want to go on vacation?” And I answered with certainty: ”I want to go to Buitenhotel Les Nourrits.” Because this was the place I had been dreaming about for a year now. I thought Oliver would not like it enough to actually go there since the summer season was already behind us. (It was not as if I had actually asked him, that would have made the situation far easier.) But when I told him that this lovely ”outdoor hotel” was situated in Burgundy, very close to the wine region Chablis, he immediately said yes! And this is where our summer vacation (in October..) began.

Pool & Sauna
Pool and Sauna
Vegetable garden
Vegetable Garden

Cozy chalets with a woodstove

What caught my interest in Buitenhotel Les Nourrits was a great package deal. The cozy chalets with a woodstove, the green surroundings with a pool, and a sauna, and the typically French breakfast (which is included). But most of all the beautifully plated meals and drinks from the region served at the long table in the restaurant. Buitenhotel Les Nourrits is run by the Dutch couple Kim & Dennis. They create the most welcoming and laid back vibe for you to completely relax and enjoy. They speak Dutch, French, and English, and maybe even some more languages,  so the hosts got you covered for easy communication.

Don’t miss out on Dinner

They cook with local products and vegetables from the garden. Just imagine artisan French cheeses platters, big pots of countryside honey at breakfast or with tea and beautiful wines and ciders. If you choose to stay at Buitenhotel Les Nourrits (which you definitely should, if you ask me) please sign up for their dinner at least once. After our first meal, we were so excited about it that we immediately reserved our spot at the table for the next days. But it was not if I even had a choice anymore after Dennis enchanted me with his perfectly roasted potatoes. I’m just very serious about potatoes. It can simply give you a glimpse of Walhalla. I have to point out that however, Burgundy is the land of great cuts of meat and artisan cheeses, their vegetable dishes are exquisite!

Visit Buitenhotel Les Nourrits in Fall season

I can highly recommend visiting Buitenhotel Les Nourrits in the Fall season. The crackling fire, dinner by candlelight, and the amazing colors of the vine landscape. The surroundings are beautiful for hikes. The cabin is super cozy and I can highly recommend you make use of the sauna. Thank you Kim & Dennis for this lovely experience.

What is your favorite place to stay for vacation? Let me know in the comments which hidden gems I should visit next. Want to get into the holiday mood? Check my hotspot recommendations in Lisbon and Ericeira in Portugal

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