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Mystery Baking Challenge 4 – A beautiful mess


I’m not going to lie. This was definitely not one of my best videos! Everything that could go wrong went wrong (recordings without sound, the camera shutting off mid cooking, tedious scenes, having to drink coffee to be able to keep going, an error in the editing system that made me edit the last part 5 times over again, etc.).

But in the end, I learned so much from this all. And even though the process was quite the experience, I did my very best to despite everything, make this episode a video for you to enjoy!

The next video will be way different! So if you have any things you like to see or change in the next episode, let me know in the comments down below. I’m totally open to suggestions! If you’d like to make the Recipe too, then you can find it here.

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Jamie is dreaming about flavors, aromas, and textures from dusk till dawn. ''There's no better distraction than a food memory.'' It is her passion to share with you the tales of her best food experiences and recipe secrets.

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