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Orange & Passion Fruit Frosty Treats

The weather is getting sunny and we’re in for a treat! These Orange & Passion Fruit Frosty Treats will cool you down. And with only 3 ingredients they are very easy to make. The only thing that asks for some patience is the ice lollies to be frozen. 

Orange & Passion Fruit Frosty Treats

Ingredients for 3 Ice lollies
• 3 small oranges
• 3 frozen passion fruit cubes (55g) or 4 fresh passion fruits
• 1 tsp good quality flower honey

Ice Lolly mold
3 ice lolly sticks

How it’s done

1. Defrost the passion fruit cubes or if you use fresh fruit, spoon out the passion fruit pulp.

2. Put the ice lolly sticks in the ice lolly mold. If you use cute sticks with stamps on them, make sure the stamp is facing down (I made this mistake already, oops!).

3. Juice 2,5 oranges to get 150 ml of orange juice. Keep the remaining half orange and cut 3 half slices. Arrange the slices in the molds underneath the sticks (this way the slices of orange will stay in place instead of floating up).

4. Mix the passion fruit pulp and the honey trough the orange juice. Make sure the honey is completely dissolved. 

5. Pour the mixture in the ice lolly mold, on top of the orange slices. Place the mold carefully in the freezer and freeze for at least 4-6 hours until completely set.

6. Take the ice pops from the mold and enjoy your frosty treat! 

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Did you try this recipe and made yourself some Orange & Passion Fruit Frosty Treats? Share your cool creations with me via @TalesofPastry or #talesofpastry. Or tell me what you think about it in the comments below.

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