Liquid Bueno Drink with only 2 Ingredients

Liquid Bueno Drink with only 2 Ingredients

Liquid Bueno Drink with only 2 Ingredients

My number one favorite chocolate bar is a Bueno. And I think I am not alone in this! If I could just buy the filling of a Bueno in a big jar.. I would probably spread it on everything I can get my hands on and just eat it all day long. I was not yet the genius who came up with a recipe for a Bueno spread. But this Liquid Bueno Drink is equally tasty. Because some things are just so delectable that you want to be able to drink it. And jumping in this liquid piece of heaven is no effort. It only takes 2 ingredients. Which does not even include a single Bueno.

A friend of mine came back from a trip to Poland with a very delicious vodka hazelnut liquor from the brand Soplica. Surprisingly he recommended to drink it mixed or accompanied with a glass of chocolate milk. And this combination literally blew my mind. So for everyone that is fond of Bueno en likes a alcoholic baverage from time to time; this is your party starter!

How it’s done

Ingredients for 1 glas of  Liquid Bueno Drink
100 ml chocolate milk or chocolate drink
• 30 ml hazelnut liqueur or hazelnut syrup

* The hazelnut liqueur contains 30% alcohol so for the underage Bueno fans it can easily be replaced by a hazelnut syrup.  And please choose the chocolade drink to your liking. My favorites are Cocio, Oatly and Tony Chocolonely.

1 Fancy glass per serving

Pour the chocolate milk/drink in a glas followed by the hazelnut syrup or liqueur. Stir and enjoy.

Tried this Liquid Bueno drink already? 😀 Share your favorite chocolate drink in the comments below and feel welcome to share your liquid Bueno drink @TalesofPastry or #talesofpastry.

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