Chök Barcelona – The Chocolate Kitchen

Chök Barcelona – The Chocolate Kitchen

Chök Barcelona – The Chocolate Kitchen

Welcome to my favorite shop around the world, Chök! This “Chocolate Kitchen” goes far beyond your sweetest dreams. From cronuts, donuts and croissants to cookies, cakes and truffles.

Every vacation, we try to visit as many ice cream parlors and bakeries as possible. Because everywhere around the world you will find special places with passionate entrepreneurs, who sell beautiful artisan products. With flavors you will rarely taste again once home. I would visit Barcelona any time again, just to be able to stop by at Chök.

Chok Barcelona - The Chocolate Kitchen

We visited Chök 3 times in 2 days and tried around 12 different cronuts. I never found a place quite like this again. I think it was at Chök when I fell in love with pistachio for the first time. They make a divine spread which they also sell in little jars. Alongside other yummy chocolate spreads, bars and chocolate milk mixes. Chök also has a nice collection of vegan products. Take a coffee, smoothie or frappé on the go to complete your picknick party.

Chök Cronuts

At the moment Chök has 6 shops in Barcelona and 1 in Gibraltar. I am still praying for a Chök shop in the Netherlands.

Do you know any cool bakeries like Chök? Please let me know in the comments, so I can visit them soon!

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